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I am a marketing content manager specializing in the A/E/C Industry.  

When I was a girl, my dream job was the person who named the crayon colors. I transitioned my love for descriptive words into a career helping brands in storytelling. I have a talent for taking a brand's value proposition, product benefits, and brand identity and weaving these into a compelling story that speaks to customers and converts leads to sales.

Digital Marketing Content

I created and managed promotional email and web content for a large building products company. 

SUSTAIN Ceiling Systems | Armstrong Ceiling Solutions – Commercial

Meet Your Sustainability Goals Your Way

No matter what sustainability or design challenges you’re facing, Armstrong SUSTAIN makes your decisions simpler. By offering the largest forward-thinking portfolio of healthy ceiling and wall solutions. With verified material transparency, and low embodied carbon*.

In an industry where meeting evolving sustainability goals can be an increasingly complex equation, SUSTAIN strives to make your decisions simple.

Just look for the SUSTAIN icon.

AIA Conference | Armstrong Ceiling Solutions – Commercial

Every Space Can Be A Healthy Space

Clean, fresh air, impactful acoustics, sufficient lighting, and thermal health are essential in designing for the well-being of people in the spaces where we live, work, learn, heal, and play. Stroll through Chicago's iconic cityscape to Greektown and visit us at Booth #1831. We want to know what a healthy space means to you. Discover how beautiful design and creating healthy, sustainable, spaces go hand-in-hand when you choose our ceiling and wall solutions.

A Ceiling For Every Space Web Tool

Office employees cite the intrusion of unwanted noise as a leading factor in workplace dissatisfaction, reduced effectiveness, and higher stress. Unwanted noise typically relates to “speech privacy”, in which employees overhear loud, unwanted conversations from other people sharing the same environment. One study found that 75% of office workers are unhappy with the lack of speech privacy in their workplace.

In open plan, focus, or collaborative spaces, the main function of the ceiling is to ab

Lifestyle Articles

I was the managing editor of a neighbhorhood-focused publication, as well as written articles for the publication. 

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